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Impact Driven Metrics for Course and Onboarding Delivery

Every workplace is different and so should be the metrics required to measure effectiveness of course needed to skill, upskill, or reskill employees. Vidya provides customisable dashboard for administrators to measure success of course

Effectively Measure Engagement using Polls and QnAs.

Vidya records and analyses the learner's data in any webinars, workshops, talks etc. This keeps you informed about their learning progression over the (course of) time and effectively measure who all were attentive and engaged

Get Real-Time Class Analysis

You can know how the overall lecture is going in real-time and get insights on responsiveness of the learners to drive better learning outcomes

Integrated with Zoom and Teams. and Zoom have joined forces to provide a seamless virtual classroom experience. With the integration of Vidya into Zoom, teachers can now ask real-time questions, receive immediate feedback from students, and analyze student progress directly from the Zoom platform. The integration of Vidya and Zoom eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools and provides a comprehensive solution for virtual classroom engagement.

Easy Sign-Up for One-Time Participants

One time easy sign-in through a generated code makes engaging participants in conference or a workshop session very simple


Adult-learners friendly interface
Involve everyone from remote to hybrid teams
Enhanced engagement for large crowds, workshops, webinars etc.
Customisable dashboard to view course insights
Strengthen company culture eliminating peer-to-peer competition
Complying with GDPR compliances


What our users say...

Vidya has transformed the way I teach entrepreneurship and corporate training programs with its innovative online platform and interactive features.

Joe Hubert
University of Washington transformed my teaching with real-time questions, immediate feedback, and in-depth analysis.It has made my life easier, improved my students' learning, and has replaced Kahoot for me.

Shar-Lee Amori
University of the West Indies is an incredible tool for teachers and students in real-time. I used it in my post-graduate online classes and the live stats and insights have been revolutionary. I am excited to use Vidya everytime.

Gunnvant Singh

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