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There is no effective way to check if students are understanding the lecture

Personal Attention

Teachers are not able to give personal attention to all the students in the class

Lecture Quality

There is no objective way to measure how did the lecture go


We make student involvement easier by helping teachers engage with ease.

Real-time QnA

Our real-time interface allows teachers to ask questions (powered by AI) during an online/offline class, enabling real-time two-way engagement at scale

Silent students

Not every student speaks up in lectures. With our in-the-moment class analyzer, you would know whether students understand the lecture and how engaged they are

Check progress (without exams)

We record and analyze student's data in the lectures. This keeps you informed about their learning progression over the (course of) time

Create and share questions assisted by AI

Vidya’s innovation has leveraged the power of AI to create classroom engagement super simple for teachers. Our AI blended model assists teachers in the creation of question-and-answer (QnA), providing them with a more efficient and effective approach. Vidya understands the context and formulate questions empowering teachers to focus more on instructional strategies, student engagement, fostering a stimulating learning environment.

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Enhancing Virtual Classrooms with Vidya and Zoom Integration and Zoom have joined forces to provide a seamless virtual classroom experience. With the integration of Vidya into Zoom, teachers can now ask real-time questions, receive immediate feedback from students, and analyze student progress directly from the Zoom platform. The integration of Vidya and Zoom eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools and provides a comprehensive solution for virtual classroom engagement.

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How It Works?

The app gives teachers more insights into their class by enabling real-time questioning and lecture analysis.

Real-time QnA and Analysis

Ask questions real-time during the lecture, where the students can answer, or explicitly press the "Don't know" button

Question generation on-the-go

Generate engaging questions with our AI model for super simple and easy classroom engagement.

After-class Insights

Imagine Google Analytics for classrooms. Identify patterns and trends of learning, and students who may need attention

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Vidya enhances your online classroom

We have designed this system so that it does not replace your existing workflow, but rather enhances it. Designed for web, tablets, and phone screens, Vidya works with any online meeting tool, as well, as in an offline setting

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Giving Back

COVID-19 is a universal crisis and, for some children, the impact will be lifelong. - UNICEF

Not all kids have access to the same resources. We are committed to doing our bit for the less privileged part of our community, directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19.

10% of all revenue would go towards

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